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Laperva Blender Bottle Stainless Steel Shaker, Black

Laperva Blender Bottle Stainless Steel Shaker, Black

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By Laperva
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  • Bpa Free
  • Leak Proof
  • Rounded Base
  • Insulated

Laperva Blender Bottle Stainless Steel Shaker It is a bottle that keeps your drinks fresh.

Features of Laperva Blender Bottle Stainless Steel Shaker

  • Ease of opening and closing

With just one click, you can open the bottle as it is equipped with a secure, quick-closing cap that prevents any leakage.

  • round base

The bottle includes a round base that is used to whisk all amounts of powder, whether small or large.

  • Easy to carry

Laperva Stainless Steel Black Shaker has a flexible loop for easy carrying, grip and transportation. This loop can be used to fit your key or attach the bottle to your gym bag.

  • Resistant to various odors

Enjoy a refreshing drink without any strange odors, as Eastman Tritan plastic is used, which keeps the bottle well free of odors.

Wash Before Using. Lid Is Top-Rack Dishwasher Safe. Hand Washing the Cup Is Recommended to Preserve Its Finish.
Do Not Use Harsh Chemicals (Such as Bleach, Abrasives, Etc.).
Do Not Microwave, Freeze, Or Boil. Not For Use with Hot or Carbonated Liquids.
Avoid Accidental Opening of The Bottle by Keeping the Button Free and Clear of Other Objects.
Use the Lock to Help Avoid Accidental Opening.

Not For Use by Children Under 3 Years of Age.
Hot or Carbonated Contents May Build Pressure Within the Bottle and Unexpectedly Leak or Spray Out.  
Other Contents (Such as Pancake Batter or Spoiled Beverages) May Build Pressure and Leak or Spray Out Upon Opening.
Always Open with Caution.

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