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Universal Nutrition Glutamine, Unflavored, 300 Gm, 5000mg Glutamine Scoop

Universal Nutrition Glutamine, Unflavored, 300 Gm, 5000mg Glutamine Scoop

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By Universal Nutrition
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BHD 7.10
  • 5000mg Glutamine Scoop
  • Ideal For Recovery
  • Improves Protein Synthesis

Glutamine Powder from Universal Nutrition provides the purest, most active L (Levo) form of glutamine available for athletic supplementation. Glutamine is considered to be a “conditionally” essential pro-anabolic amino acid. Glutamine may be the most important variable in promoting optimum protein synthesis while helping block cortisol to prevent protein breakdown in muscle. Many athletes use glutamine to aid in recovery and to help reduce the breakdown of lean muscle.

Features of Universal Nutrition Glutamine

  • Glutamine is among the most important amino acids for the body because it is the most abundant amino acid in muscle tissue. To build and recover, your muscles need the purest and best.
  • Universal Nutrition's L-Glutamine BCAA supplement is the highest quality of L-Glutamine to ensure your muscles not only have the fuel they need but that it comes in a form that is easily broken down and ready to use and ready to help your body with its recovery.
  • Each scoop of Universal Nutrition's pure L-Glutamine is packed with a full day's recommendation of L-Glutamine. Easy to take, mixes smooth, and packs a full dose into 1 convenient scoop.

 Mix 1-2 rounded teaspoons in 8-12 oz. of water, milk, or juice. For optimal results, try using Glutamine Powder in your favorite protein shake or meal replacement powder.

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