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Tanita Kitchen Scale KD-402, White

Tanita Kitchen Scale KD-402, White in India

By Tanita
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  • Calculate Calories, Fat and Protein
  • Measures From 2 Grams To 5 Kilograms
  • Available with the Optional Measuring Bowl
  • Japanese Technology

The KD-402 (White) is an attractive and durable kitchen scale that is highly versatile and offers a wide range of features. This lightweight, durable scale can be used with or without the bowl and comes packaged with a tare feature, a low battery indicator, and an auto-off feature.

Features of Tanita Kitchen Scale KD-402

  • Available with the optional measuring bowl
  • Pullout hanging hook
  • Energy-saving auto power-off function
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 5 kg

1. Open the battery compartment cover (see figure 1) and insert 1X"CR2032 (IEC)" or "5004LC"
battery as indicated. NB. Make sure that the polarity of the battery is correctly aligned.
2. Press the ON/TARE button.
The display will show "8888".
Wait until the display shows "O" before proceeding to weigh item(s).
NB. Make sure you place the item(s) in the center of the tray.
If the weight of the item(s) exceeds the scale's capacity, "EEEE" will appear on the display.

3. Tare weighing function
The tare function allows you to add and weigh individual item(s) without removing the contents of the bowl.
When the display shows "0", put the bowl onto the scale and press the ON/TARE button. The display will revert to "0" again.
Now add and weigh item(s), pressing the ON/TARE button before adding and weighing each individual item.
After removing the bowl at the end, the display will show a negative reading. Press the ON/TARE button to return the
display to "0".
4. Press the OFF button to turn off the power.
5. Auto Power Off
The scale is designed with an auto power-off function for energy efficiency. If the same reading is displayed for more than
10 minutes the scale will automatically turn off.
6. Battery Replacement
If "Lo" appears in the display when attempting to weigh, replace the battery (following previous instructions)
*Mode Change
When a mode change is required, press the ON/TARE and OFF buttons simultaneously, and then select the proper mode.
(for the g/oz, g/lb.oz version)

1. The scale is a precision instrument. Do not dismantle the scale and avoid strong vibrations or shocks.
2. Keep away from direct sunlight and heating appliances, eg, oven.
3. When moving the scale to a new location, where the temperature differs from the previous location by more than 10°C
(50°F), leave the scale in the new location for at least 2 hours before using it.
4. Wipe the scale clean with a damp cloth.
5. If the scale is not to be used for a long period of time, remove the battery.

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