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Agu Baby Smart Mesh Nebulizer, 1 Piece, Alleviates Congestion, Reduces Risk of Lung Infections

Agu Baby Smart Mesh Nebulizer, 1 Piece, Alleviates Congestion, Reduces Risk of Lung Infections

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By Agu Baby
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KES 20,556.40
  • Alleviates Congestion
  • Reduces Risk of Lung Infections

Arevolutionarynebulizer, that makes following doctor prescription seas for the child and for the parents. It combines 1. Benefits of mesh technologies with the opportunity of data recording.2.A unique AGU design. This combination guarantees the precise implementation of a doctor’s prescription.

Features of Agu Baby Smart Mesh Nebulizer

  • Smart nebulizer mode. Thanks to two valves controlling each inhale and exhales cycle, the nebulizer sprays medicine only during inhalation
  • Agu App receives information from device valves and shows statistics and estimated time. And also nebulizer transfers all data to the analysis in the application. Inhale time, Exhale time
  • Comprehensive solution of the most accurate performance of the treatment prescribed by a doctor. Course statistics like Exhale/inhale time, Medication volume, Taken/skipped inhalations, Body temperature (if data exists)

Inhalation courses are managed by the app. Possibility to make records and provide a report to your doctor like Name of the medication, Applied dose, Name of the solvent used, Amount of the solvent used

Technical Specs

  • Saving and analyzing all data in the AGU App
  • IntelliFlow Technology - medicine nebulizing control during inhalation
  • Adjustable nebulize rate (3 nebulize rate)
  • Particle size MMAD 3.6 μm
  • Battery or type-C USB operation

Simply switch on the device, place your finger on the opening and place the aspirator at the baby’s nostrils.

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