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Blender Bottle Shaker Straw, Pack of 2 Pcs

Blender Bottle Shaker Straw, Pack of 2 Pcs in Kenya

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KES 1,293.73
  • Flexible Silicone Spring
  • Broad Compatibility

Open the bottle lid and the straw pops up through the spout. Close the lid and the straw’s silicone spring base bends, keeping the straw tucked inside The 2-position spring base allows for compatibility with a broad range of BlenderBottle brand shakers. The unique shape of the silicone mouthpiece keeps the straw centered while drinking through the bottle spout. Yeah, we thought of everything.

Features of Blender Bottle Shaker Straw

  • Silicone base allows you to close your shaker
  • Wide-mouth straw designed for easy sipping
  • Mouthpiece keeps straw centered while drinking
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  • KG
  • Sports Nutrition
  • United States
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