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Planetary Herbals St' John's Wort Extract Full Spectrum, 600 mg, 30 Tablets

Planetary Herbals St' John's Wort Extract Full Spectrum, 600 mg, 30 Tablets

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KES 2,264.03
  • Support Emotional Well-Being
  • Hypericum Perforatum
Planetary Herbals St. John's Wort Full Spectrum Extract In recent years, St. John's wort has become the primary mental health support plant. It combines a standardized fibricin extract with a rich concentration of flavonoids for the aerobic parts to support healthy anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.
Features of Planetary Herbals Full Spectrum St. John's Wort Extract

to support mental health
 Balance of neurotransmitters in the brain
Helps the body fight viruses and diseases
Strengthening the immune system
Supports calming the nervous system
Helps regulate hormonal activity
Resetting the body's internal clock
Anxiety and stress therapist
Helps treat depression

 1 tablet twice daily, 1 in the morning and 1 in the evening.

Do not use this product while taking any medication or if you have a medical condition, without the advice of your physician or pharmacist. St. John’s wort is known to interfere with many prescription and non-prescription drugs, including oral contraceptives, antibiotics, antidepressants, anticoagulants, antihistamines, immunosuppressants, corticosteroids, diabetes drugs, antiviral, antiseizure, anticancer and cardiovascular drugs.
 It may also cause increased photosensitivity; limit exposure to UV radiation. 
If you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or breastfeeding, consult your healthcare professional before using this product.

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