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Zuccari Olio Del Re Refreshing Shower Gel, 250 ML

Zuccari Olio Del Re Refreshing Shower Gel, 250 ML in Kenya

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KES 3,773.38
  • Give New Energy to the Body and Mind
  • Supports Relaxation in the Body

The GEL RESPIRATTIVO (BreathActivator gel) is an ideal product to aid all-round breathing and promote relief during sleep and very stressful moments. Its original formulation (Mentha Arvensis (mint), Myrrh, Cajeput, Frankincense, Scots Pine) was enriched with the essential oils: Thyme, for its gentle and effective action which makes it well-tolerated by children, and Lavender which constitutes deep, calm breathing.

Features of Zuccari Olio Del Re Refreshing Shower Gel

  • WITHOUT CAMPHOR The camphor is often not tolerated by consumers.
  • WITHOUT PETROLATUM (Vaseline, mineral oil, etc.) Derivatives from the processing of petroleum, are commonly used in cosmetics. They act as “filming”, giving a feeling of smoothness and hydration fake.
  • WITHOUT SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCES The Boquet smell of the essential oils is 100% pure does not need to be supported by any chemical scent.
  • NO PRESERVATIVES The essential oils are able to keep the gel in a natural way.

It is recommended to apply the product directly on wet skin, distribute it by massaging gently and rinse.

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