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Omron Flex Temp Smart Baby Care Thermometer, 1 Piece

Omron Flex Temp Smart Baby Care Thermometer, 1 Piece in Nigeria

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By Omron
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NGN 7,303.80 NGN 9,129.75
  • Flexible Tip Ensures Comfort while Measuring
  • Saves the Last Measurement Value
  • Provides Rectal Measurement in 10 Seconds

The Omron Flex Temp Smart is suitable for use for all members of the family. This small and compact digital thermometer has a flexible tip for soft comfort while a reading is being taken. The quick 10-second measurement function means the Flex Temp Smart is ideal for monitoring babies and children. The one-touch on/off button makes the Eco Temp quick and simple to use. It comes complete with a handy protective case for easy storage

Features of OMRON Flex Temp Smart Baby Care Thermometer

  • Flexible tip ensures comfort while measuring
  • Saves the last measurement value
  • Provides rectal measurement in 10 seconds
  • Being water-resistant and having an exchangeable battery are natural features for this product
  • Easy-to-use placement of the On/Off-button and the excellent design reinforces the recognition as a high-quality OMRON-thermometer

Digital fever thermometer for oral, axillary or rectal use
Fast 10 seconds measurement when measurement is taken rectally

Box Contains: 1 x Unit - 1 x Instruction manual (in 15 languages).

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