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Laperva Carver Slimming Coffee 3 In 1, 30 Sachets

Laperva Carver Slimming Coffee 3 In 1, 30 Sachets in Pakistan

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  • Extracted from Unroasted Green Coffee Beans
  • Enhancement of Metabolism
  • Low Calories
  • Stimulation of Lipolysis
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  • Weight Management
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Laperva Carver coffee 3 in 1 for weight loss, it helps regulate weight, increases the process of fat breakdown, and is low in calories. It is a new innovation in the world of La Perva that helps in weight loss. Carver coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which improves the efficiency of insulin; And the breakdown of triglycerides, which provide the necessary energy for the body and reduce the absorption of glucose in the intestine and the level of glucose in the blood, helping a person lose weight from 4 to 12 kilograms.

Features of Laperva Carver Slimming Coffee 3 In 1

  • Contains chlorogenic acid
  • Dividing triglycerides into free fatty acids
  • Improves insulin efficiency
  • Converting fats to ATP
  • Decreases intestinal absorption of glucose.
  • Reduces blood sugar level.
  • Increases glucagon secretion
  • Inhibits the secretion of glucose by the liver

One sachet of 12 g add 150 ml of hot water. 2 to 3 Times Daily

Contain 60 mg of Caffeine Per Serving 
Keep in a cool and dry place.

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