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Body Attack Protein Coffee 1 Piece Latte

Body Attack Protein Coffee

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By Body Attack
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  • Iced Coffee Without Added Sugar
  • Made From 100% Arabica Beans
  • 25 G Milk Protein
  • 75 Mg Caffeine
  • Only 146 Kcal

The latte flavor Body Attack Protein Coffee provides 25g of high-quality protein and contains a superior coffee extract from 100% Arabica coffee beans for an incomparable coffee aroma. Some of the delicious sweetness is derived from sweeteners, with no added sugar.

Features of Body Attack Protein Coffee 250 ml

  • Helps muscle development and maintains musculature
  • Provides a quick energy boost
  • Handy when you’re on the move and during training sessions
  • Coffee extract from 100% Arabica beans
  • Full-bodied, delicious taste
  • No added sugar
  • 25 g Milk protein
  • 100% Coffee flavor
  • 75 mg Caffeine
  • Free Of Fat & Non-GMO 

Coffee Drink with Sweetener, Milk Proteins, and Coffee Extract Contains 75 Mg of Caffeine Per Tin.

Not Suitable for Children, Pregnant Women and Infants.
We Recommend a Varied Diet and A Healthy Lifestyle.

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