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Evogen Nutrition Evofusion, Chocolate, 4 LB, 24g of Whey Protein Blends Per Serving

Evogen Nutrition Evofusion, Chocolate, 4 LB, 24g of Whey Protein Blends Per Serving

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By Evogen Nutrition
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SAR 428.47
  • 24g of Whey Protein Blends Per Serving
  • Extreme Growth and Recovery
  • Helps Improve Muscle Power

Evofusion contains a potent blend of three proteins in equal ratios to ensure you are getting appropriate fast, medium, and slow-digesting protein sources. With each source in an appropriate ratio, Evofusion helps ensure steady-state amino acid absorption over a longer time period than single-source proteins making it ideal for any time of the day, in meal replacements, etc.

Features of Evogen Nutrition Evofusion

  • 9.3g of actual single whey isolate is used to contribute ultra-fast-acting protein to this blend.
  • 10.64g of actual pure single-source whey concentrate is used to contribute medium-fast-acting protein to this blend.
  • 9.58g of actual pure single-source micellar casein is used to contribute slow-acting protein to this blend.
  • 11.5g of EAAs and 5.4g of BCAAs.


Mix one scoop with 300-350ml of milk to make the best whey protein shake. For a lump-free drink, it is recommended that you use a blender. To get the best results, consume one serving early in the morning and one serving immediately after training. You may add another scoop in between meals depending upon your individual requirements.

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