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Laperva Perfect Line, Orange and Lemon, Helps In Lipids and Carbohydrates Metabolism

Laperva Perfect Line, Orange and Lemon, Helps In Lipids and Carbohydrates Metabolism

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By Laperva
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SAR 380.89
  • Helps In Lipids and Carbohydrates Metabolism
  • The Elimination of Excess Fluids
  • Promotes Weight Control

& nbsp; Laperva Perfect Line, an effective fat-dissolving formula, made with green tea and green coffee flavored with hibiscus and acai, which helps to raise the rates of fat burning and carbohydrate metabolism that controls weight, defines body shape and sizes, eliminates and retains excess fluids along with its effective antioxidant and detoxifying ability . It helps maintain vital energy, helps strengthen the digestive system, strengthens immunity, and contains the most important fat-burning substances to maintain general health without side effects. It is also suitable for athletes and non-athletes and for all diets

Features of Laperva Perfect Line

  • Suitable for everyone
  • No added sugar
  • Free of artificial flavors
  • Free of artificial colors
  • Contains green coffee
  • Contains green tea

One Packet A Day After Breakfast With 30 Minutes Dissolve the Content of Sachet in A Glass of Water 200ml

Warnings: Keep Out of Reach of Children Under Three Years. Do Not Exceed the Recommended Daily Dose.
The Supplements Are Not Intended as Substitutes for A Varied, Balanced Diet and A Healthy Lifestyle.
Not Recommended for Women During Pregnancy and Lactation. Contains Caffeine (6.5mg/Daily Dose).
It Is Recommended Not to Exceed 400mg Daily Intake of Caffeine From All Sources.


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  • Weight Management, Keto
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