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Best workouts for belly fat

"Belly fat is the fat that is stored around the organs in the abdomen and its excess is linked to high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Therefore, having more belly fat can increase the risk of dying "

The 16 Best Exercises for Burning Belly Fat

  1. Burpee

In fact, a study from the American College of Sports Medicine found that 10 fast-paced reps are just as effective at revving your metabolism as a 30-second all-out sprint, so you can burn your belly fat faster than ever before.

  1. Mountain Climber

Think of the mountain climber as a moving plank. You perform a mini crunch when you explosively draw one knee into your chest.

What makes this move so difficult, however, is that your core has to work overtime to keep your body stable and straight every time you lift a foot off of the floor.

  1. Kettlebell Swing

The kettlebell swing might be one of the best calorie-torching exercises of all time. In order to propel the heavy ball of iron, you need to engage big fat-burning muscle groups like your glutes, hips, and quads.

The explosive nature of this movement skyrockets your heart rate right away, but it also hammers your core.

  1. Medicine Ball Slam

If you haven’t used a medicine ball since school, you’re missing out. “Your core is your centre of power, so performing explosive movements like the med-ball slam requires all the muscles between your neck and your hips to work together,” says expert coach Sean De Wispelaere.

And if you pick up the pace and propel the ball with more power and velocity, you’ll elevate your heart rate and burn some serious belly flab, he says.

You don’t even need to increase your weight. A 3-kilo medicine ball will work just fine if you go hard and push yourself.

  1. Dumbell Overhead Lunge

Add a dumbbell overhead during a lunge, and you suddenly have a core chiseler.

“As the load shifts with every rep, all of the muscles in your torso need to work together to keep the weight directly above you,” says Tony Gentilcore, strength coach at Cressey Performance.

  1. Treadmill Sprints

If you're looking to drop weight around your midriff — or anywhere else, for that matter — few exercises are better than short, sharp cardio bouts. Forget about daily 5ks and turn to HIIT instead. A study published in the Journal of Strength Conditioning Research found that participants burned up to 30% more calories doing a fast-paced HIIT workout over a longer, lower-intensity session for the same amount of time. To start, hit fifteen sets of 20 seconds sprinting with 40 seconds rest, and gradually increase your work

  1. Skaters

Spur fat loss, improve agility, build strength, boost power, and skyrocket your fitness: the benefits of skaters stretch way beyond simply burning belly fat, but they're excellent at that too.

  1. Tuck Jumps

This plyometric exercise absolutely torches calories, which makes it a perfect addition to any body-fat burning workout.

  1. Squat Jumps

Another calorie-sizzling plyo movement, squat jumps are a building block for just about every explosive lower body movement imaginable.

  1. Froggers

Don't let this simplicity of this exercise fool you, it targets the entire body, working the arms, abs, glutes, legs and heart in one effective, and for our purposes calorie-crushing, move.

  1. Broad Jump

The compound and explosive nature of jumping means that it requires a lot of energy, which is why broad jumps are such a great exercise for calorie burning.

  1. Jumping Jacks

No, jumping jacks aren't an exercise reserved for your half-arsed warm-up, they torch calories, are good for you heart and can be done absolutely anywhere.

  1. Jumping Lunge

Thought the dumbbell overhead lunge was the only lunge you need in your life? Hold on a second, a simple jumping lunge is also an effective calorie killer and, like that other exercise, it'll work your core too.

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