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Jnx Sports The Curse, Blue Raspberry, 50, Enhances Strength & Endurance

Jnx Sports The Curse, Blue Raspberry, 50, Enhances Strength & Endurance

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By Jnx Sports
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AED 78.75
  • Enhances Strength & Endurance
  • Energy Booster

Experience the mind-blowing power of JNX Sports The Curse, one of the most potent pre-workout supplements on the market. This isn't just another energy drink; it's a game-changer designed to fuel your workouts, amplify your focus, and deliver skin-splitting muscle pumps. Just one or two scoops 30 minutes before you hit the gym, and you'll be itching to tear the weights apart.

Features of JNX Sports The Curse

  • Insane Energy: Get ready for an explosive surge of energy that will propel you through even the toughest workouts. The Curse's unique formula primes your body for peak performance, turning fatigue into fuel.
  • Extreme Mental Focus: Say goodbye to distractions and tunnel vision your goals. The Curse pre-workout enhances mental clarity and focus, helping you maintain intensity and drive from your first rep to your last.
  • Massive Muscle Pumps: Experience the incredible sensation of blood flooding your muscles, delivering vital nutrients and oxygen for maximum growth and endurance. The Curse pumps will have you looking and feeling bigger than ever.
  • Great Tasting Flavors: Who said pre-workout has to taste like chemicals? JNX Sports The Curse comes in a variety of delicious flavors that you'll actually enjoy drinking.

Ready to unleash your inner beast? Don't settle for mediocre workouts, grab JNX Sports The Curse pre-workout and experience the difference.

  • Shake container before use. Mix 1-3 scoops with 5-8 oz (150-250ml) of water and drink 20-30 minutes before action.
  • Read warnings before use.
  • Never exceed 3 scoops in any 24 hour period. 
  • Always assess your tolerance with a single scoop.
  • Not for use by those with pre-existing medical conditions or those taking any medications, under 18 years, pregnant or lactating women, or individuals sensitive to caffeine or beta-alanine.
  • Store in a cool, dry place. Contents sold by weight, not volume.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
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