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Laperva Meta Booster, Cinnamon, 888 Ml

Laperva Meta Booster, Cinnamon, 888 Ml in UAE

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By Laperva
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AED 277.20
  • Helps with Insulin Resistance & Metabolic Arrest
  • Helps Remove Fluids from The Body
  • Maintains The Normal Level of Glucose In The Body
  • Reduce High Blood Pressure

Laperva Meta Booster is a complex of different plant and fruit extracts that perform different functions to contribute to weight loss. In addition, it contains both hibiscus and cat mustache by secreting fluid retained inside the body. It helps treat insulin resistance and Kaewa metabolic syndrome, aids in carbohydrate metabolism, wild hawthorn, and olives, and regulates blood pressure. It contains Cassia (Chinese Cinnamon) that helps and stimulates weight loss and control, in addition to Garcinia, which reduces appetite and regulates the feeling of hunger.

Features of Laperva Meta Booster

  • Free from gluten, lactose, soy, dairy, yeast, and wheat.
  • Free of artificial flavors and colors.
  • Suitable for keto dieters.
  • No added sugar
  • Helps regulate blood pressure
  • Maintains blood sugar levels
  • Help with carbohydrate metabolism
  • Reduces appetite and regulates the feeling of hunger
  • Helps lose weight
  • Helps treat insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome
  • Reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Helps remove fluid from the body.

Dilute 1 serving (37 ml) of the product in 500 ml of water and mix it well, then drink it during the day.
Shake well before use.

Keep out of reach of children under 3 years old.
The product is not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet, as it is preferred to use it during a low diet Calories and exercise well within a healthy lifestyle.
It is recommended that you consult your doctor if you are taking any medications or have any medical condition.
Should not be used during pregnancy, lactation, in addition to disease cases that use drugs to lower levels of Therapy drug hypolipidemic plasma lipids
Not suitable for those with allergies to fish products.
Do not exceed the permissible daily allowance.
Do not take in case of allergy from these food sources.

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