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Tanita UM-070 Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor, White, Measure BMI and Body fat Distribution

Tanita UM-070 Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor, White, Measure BMI and Body fat Distribution

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By Tanita
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AED 288.75
  • Measure BMI and Body fat Distribution
  • Measure Muscle Mass
  • Measure Metabolic Rate

Body Fat / Body Water Monitors use a method of bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), a highly reliable method of analyzing body composition that can be done at home in a matter of seconds. BIA is based on a person's height, weight, and the strength and speed at which a safe, low-level electrical signal passes through the muscle and fat in the body. Electrodes built into the patented "foot-pads" send the signal through the body.

Features of Tanita UM-070 Scale plus Body Fat Monitor

  • Type: Smart Scales
  • Display Type: Digital
  • Size: Free Size
  • Weight up to 150 kg body fat percentage
  • Body fat percentage, Total fluid content in the body
  • Direct usage mode, Elegant plastic body

Data storage:
-1 Turn on balance by pressing a button. SET
-2 Choose one of the figures for the storage of personal data using the Up or Down button after choosing the number, press the button and enter the SET-old
And the button is pressed, the SET, then choose the sex, although the sport or not, the pressure, the SET, and enter the length and the button is pressed, the SET
The balance will be issued after the whistle to confirm its storage and closes the screen.

Account statements:
1. Directly press the button you save the data that ( (After pressing the button will appear on your saved data
Balancing successively to confirm.
2. Wait for the shows, 0.0 kg and stand on the scale to take the readings.
0.3 shows the weight first, wait for the advent of 0000 and then disappear, then the result will appear after another
(And average fat content will appear on the screen, and when the black rectangular bottom of the screen with it. This means that the percentage shows the age of the fat and sex disproportion).
Note: do not get off the balance until the appearance of fat.
Children of 17-5snh give balance weight and fat percentage readings Vqt.lazaar other results are pressing a button each result carefully, as shown in the following table:

Recover previous readings:
During the emergence of the current press readings of British Columbia on the SET button to show you previous readings.
(You can navigate between the previous readings clicking each play button, as described below)
By clicking the button, then SET to return again to the current readings.

Develop measurement of visitors:
Fashion tour you can show all results without saving the data and uses that there were customers or anyone who wants
Use it without saving Albyant balance
Just press the button to activate the balance B and then follow the steps above:
(Enter the age, sex, height and after each measurement Press SET UP 0.0 KG appears on the screen, then standing
In the end to take the measure).

Weighing only:
Press the button that weight after two seconds to 3 seconds 0.0 appear on the screen of the balance and will trigger an alert, then
You stand on the scale to gauge your weight.

It is important to measure BMI and body fat distribution (waist circumference or the ratio abdomen-hip circumferences etc.) to assess the risk of co-morbidities of obesity. Insufficient BMI <18.5 kg / m2 represents a greater risk of other clinical problems.

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