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Laperva Core X, 1 Piece, Stimulated Blood Circulation, Burns Calories

Laperva Core X, 1 Piece, Stimulated Blood Circulation, Burns Calories

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JOD 201.04 JOD 303.05
  • Stimulated Blood Circulation
  • Burns Calories

Are you looking for a device to tighten and sculpt the abdominal area? The new Laperva Core X is the perfect solution as it provides a satisfactory and effective result in body sculpting and toning without any joint pain.

The new Laperva Core X works smoothly in reverse rotation, while maintaining the integrity of the knee, neck and back joints, as it reduces stress on them.

The device is a new development in abdominal exercises and has a patent.

In the new Core X device from Laperva, there are several levels of exercise with multiple training options with a handle to provide several different training programs.

Features of Laperva Core X Features

  • Display with a calorie counter.
  • Screen with a counter for exercise movements.
  • It includes a variety of exercises.
  • The console power is cable-free.
  • The distinctive design of the device makes it easy to use inside and outside the house as it does not take up space.

Stand On Board And Twist Your Hips

Maximum weight 150 kg

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