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Lazar Nutrition King Carb, Strawberry, 26

Lazar Nutrition King Carb, Strawberry, 26

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By Lazar Nutrition
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  • 49g of Carbohydrate / Serving
  • Increase Endurance and Build Muscle
  • Source of Energy to Enhance Performance

 King Carb offers a complete solution for achieving your bodybuilding goals.

Features of  Lazar Nutrition King Carb 

  • Carbohydrates can increase your concentration of insulin, as well as allow you to resynthesize glycogen faster. 
  • To maximize muscle glycogen replenishment, and necessary to pay attention to the type of carbohydrates consumed.
  •  There are two main types of carbs: fast-digesting and slow digesting. The speed of digestion affects the rate at which energy is delivered to your body, as well as how much your blood sugar levels are affected. 
  •  Help muscle recovery with fast-digesting carbohydrates, but in order to provide yourself with a long-lasting source of energy, slow-digesting carbohydrates are just as necessary. 
  • Slow-digesting carbohydrates keep your blood sugar levels even and are generally higher in fiber and protein than fast-digesting carbohydrates. 
  • Lactose & Aspartame Free
  • Contains 4 types of carbohydrate

Allergen Information: Made in a Facility That Uses Gluten, Milk, Soy, Egg, and Nuts.

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